Backyard Bird Feeder Camera

Hey Bird Nerds!

I got the chance to capture some prime bird footage in the backyard this week and I wanted to let you guys in on a couple of tricks that I used to attract our bird friends.

So yesterday morning I went out and set up my camera near my bird feeder to see if we could catch any action. I just recently got the new squirrel-proof ‘Original Absolute’ feeder and a bag of Old-Elm Gourmet feed and I was really excited to try it out and see the results. Around 9:00 AM is when I really began to see some activity around the bird feeder camera. At first, I was seeing a lot of mostly small sparrows and a handful of Black-capped Chickadees. As you can see, they swarmed around the feeder and began taking little nibbles out of the feed.

Then, out of nowhere a huge, molting, male Northern Cardinal burst onto the scene and took over. He sat there for a long time munching on all the feed he could stuff in his beak! There were no secret tips or tricks, it was just a great feeder and delicious bird seed for the birds to munch on. If you want to try and capture some feathered friends yourself, check out the extensive collection of both backyard and urban bird feeders at Bird Feeders Etc.

Hope you enjoy the video!

– Alex