Benefits of Backyard Birds

You may be wondering if birdfeeders are right for your backyard. There are a lot of benefits to having birdfeeders and attracting wild birds to your backyard environment. There is minimal work involved, meaning more benefits provided than effort needed. Attracting birds to the ecosystem of your backyard is easy. Discover the benefits and joys of creating a bird oasis for yourself with the help of Bird Feeders Etc.

Attract Wild Birds for Insect Defense

Insects host a rather large population. Wild birds play a highly defensive role in keeping those creepy crawling insects at a minimum. Without the vigilance of the bird population, you could find yourself overwhelmed with destructive insects. Having bird feeders in your yard helps keep the bird population up, and the insect population down. Birds like the Chickadees and Nuthatches eat ants, earwigs and other pesky bugs. Try a bird feeder like our Woodlink Coppertop Mega Tube Feeder great for attracting Chickadees, Nuthatches and other small birds for insect defense.

Attract Wild Birds for Plant Pollination

Wild birds are excellent plant pollinators. Birds carry pollen from one plant to another like bees do, fertilizing the flowers and helping in the process of growing into fruits, vegetables and seeds. Birds can be a huge benefactor in growing a successful vegetable, fruit and flower garden. Beautiful gardens with successful growth are large benefactors for simply attracting birds. Hummingbirds are great for this purpose. Try our First Nature Hummingbird Starter Kit to start attracting hummingbirds now.

Attract Wild Birds as Defense against Weeds

Wild birds eat many of the weed seeds distributed each growing season. Birds prevent these seeds from taking root in your gardens and lawn, minimizing the amount of new weeds growing around your home and garden. Try a mixed seed bird feeder to start attracting wild birds to your yard.

Attract Wild Birds for Environmental Conservation

Wild birds help with the overall flow of your backyard eco-system. Birds help spread pollen, minimize weeds, eat destructive insects and keep the circle of life circling. Attracting wild birds will not only help to keep your yard healthy, but also add the beauty and maintenance. Shop our wide selection of wild bird feeders to help with your backyard eco-system maintenance, such as our Allied Precision Sky Café Bird Feeder.

Attract Wild Birds for Child Entertainment and Education

Bird watching is fun for all ages and can be very educational. Watch the feeding habits, listen to the calls and observe the activities and routines of the various birds in your backyard with your children or grandchildren. You’ll be amazed at the family discussions, research and excitement coming with seeing a new bird at your feeder. Try a squirrel proof bird feeder to keep your bird feed protected, providing them with reason to return. Bird Feeders Etc. offers a variety of squirrel proof bird feeders such as our Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder.

Attract Wild Birds for Wildlife Conservation

Creating a wild bird friendly backyard environment will help to offer a critical oasis for birds transplanted due to developments and urban sprawl. With the continual growth and outspread of cities and urban areas, birds and other wild animals have less and less wild habitat to live in. You can provide these beautiful animals food and shelter, allowing them to stay in the area. Attract a variety of wild birds with our Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder, perfect for any backyard.

Attract Wild Birds for Personal Entertainment and Stress Relief

Watching wild birds and connecting with nature is a perfect way to lower your stress level thus decreasing blood pressure and the amount of stress hormones in your body. Chronic stress can cause heart disease and other disorders. Simply watching wild birds flutter about your yard and visit your birdfeeder for a short amount of time daily can help you relax and relieve stress. Try a window bird feeder such as our Duncraft Songbird One Way Mirror Window Feeder and enjoy watching your wild birds close up without them even noticing you.

Shop Bird Feeders to Attract Wild Birds to Your Backyard

Attracting wild birds to your backyard is easy and fun and when you partner with Birdfeeders Etc. You can buy bird feeders and supplies based on the specific bird species you find interesting or simply discover which feathered friends will provide your yard with the best pollination, insect control or entertainment. No matter what you’re looking for in your birdfeeder, Birdfeeders Etc. is here to help. Shop Birdfeeders Etc. today to begin attracting wild birds to your yard soon.