Creating a Hummingbird Haven

When you set your sights on a fluttering hummingbird, there’s no mistaking the rush of excitement you feel. Hummingbirds are incredibly unique birds that bring about child-like joy if you’re lucky enough to get a glance before they’re gone. While they aren’t the easiest birds to attract, there are a handful of proven measures you can take to attract hummingbirds to your yard.

Recycled Plastic Feeders

Bird enthusiasts and naturalists everywhere love recycled plastic bird feeders. Made from recycled milk jugs, plastic soda and water bottles, these birdfeeders are nearly indestructible, and are easy to clean. Recycled plastic bird feeders are UV stable, stain resistant, impervious to insects and can be cleaned with bleach.

Hopper Bird Feeders

Hopper birdfeeders attract the greatest variety of birds and are one of the easiest birdfeeders to maintain. A hopper birdfeeder is a platform upon which walls and a roof are built. The walls and roof form a hopper for birdfeed storage and gravity provides a distribution of the birdseed to the appropriate feeding station.

Mesh Bird Feeders

Mesh bird feeders offer a variety of feeding options to accommodate many birds at one time. Clinging birds are most attracted to mesh feeders because they can cling directly to the mesh screen for feeding. Types of clinging birds are woodpeckers, goldfinch, titmice and nuthatches.

Nyjer Bird Feeders

Nyjer seed is a black oil seed imported from Africa and Asia for wild bird seed. Nyjer are extremely tiny seeds contained within a black shell, each being smaller than a grain of rice. Finches are particularly fond of Nyjer seed and will flock to Nyjer birdfeeders.