7 Easy Steps for Winter Friendly Feeders

We get it. We’re deep in the heart of the winter season, and your feathered friends have been flying by your same old empty feeder thinking, “Really!?”. With these simple winterization tips and tricks, those birdies will soon be singing a different tune, as your feeder will be transformed into a warm and safe paradise for the birds who stick around during this winter season.

Creating a Hummingbird Haven

When you set your sights on a fluttering hummingbird, there’s no mistaking the rush of excitement you feel. Hummingbirds are incredibly unique birds that bring about child-like joy if you’re lucky enough to get a glance before they’re gone. While they aren’t the easiest birds to attract, there are a handful of proven measures you can take to attract hummingbirds to your yard.

Attract Every Oriole

If you’re like me, you’re bummed that your favorite family of backyard Orioles has flown south in search of warmer weather – one cool night in early fall will do that! I recently put away my Oriole feeder for the winter and shed a tear while replacing it with a year-round thistle feeder that will keep the finches and chickadees busy until spring.

5 Ways to Lose Squirrels

You may be asking yourself, “Am I having deja-vu?”. The answer is no, the squirrels are back again and this time they’ve eaten not only your feed but your feeders, too. Have we reached the breaking point? Yes, I think we have. Sure, there are squirrel-proof feeders, baffles and guards to keep the rodents from accessing the feed, but squirrels are relentless.