Hopper Bird Feeders

Hopper bird feeders attract the greatest variety of birds and are one of the easiest feeders to maintain. A hopper bird feeder is a platform, mounted or hung, upon which walls and a roof are built. The walls and roof form a hopper for bird feed storage and gravity provides a distribution of the birdseed to the appropriate feeding station. Hopper feeders hold a large amount of seed and you won’t have to refill as much as your average platform bird feeder. Few hopper bird feeders are weather-proof so be careful of your bird seed getting wet as this makes for a perfect environment for fungus and bacteria.

Simple wood hopper bird feeders or recycled green hopper bird feeders are great for beginners. If squirrels or nuisance birds are an issue, you can select from a variety of weighted perch hopper feeders which close the feeding station if too much weight is placed on the perch. Hopper bird feeders are often designed with aesthetics in mind. You will find a variety of beautiful bird feeders designed with copper, wicker and colored materials. No matter your need, you’ll find hopper bird feeders to be reliable and easy to use.