Nyjer Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder Types: Nyjer Bird Feeders

The Nyjer seed is a black oil seed imported from Africa and Asia to be used as feed for birds that have migrated, over time, from these areas and prefer this certain type of seed. Nyjer seeds are extremely tiny and completely contained within a black shell, each being smaller than a grain of rice. Finches are particularly fond of this type of seed and will flock to Nyjer bird feeders. These feeders are designed with extremely small feeding ports, allowing the tiny seeds to be extracted by the fine billed finch. Some Nyjer seed feeders, like the Cling & Catch Feeder, are made of a tube of fine mesh which allows the goldfinch to cling directly to the feeder and feast upon its contents.

Some backyard birdwatchers will complain Nyjer feeders are messy leaving a pile of seed below the feeding stations. The mess is not lost seed, but rather the black outer layer of the Nyjer seed, meaning clean-up may be necessary with these types of feeders. Never fear however, some models of Nyjer feeders, like the Onyx Clever Clean, come with built in stay-clean qualities, so if you’re the type of birder who’s too busy to clean up after our messy, feathered friends, there are still options available for you! Squirrels aren’t fond of Nyjer seed, so you can purchase a, fairly inexpensive, Nyjer bird feeder without worry of pesky squirrels damaging your property while scrounging around for food. For hours of entertainment and beauty, invest in a Nyjer seed bird feeder, and the finches in your neighborhood will thank you with endless songs