Oriole Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder Types: Oriole Bird Feeders

Oriole bird feeders are similar to hummingbird feeders in they contain a sugar solution (nectar) for a fruit loving bird. Orioles are attracted to the color orange so often the sugar solution is dyed orange and the oriole bird feeders will have orange accents. In addition to nectar, orioles also enjoy grape jelly and orange slices. Oriole bird feeders often have a variety of feeding ports giving the oriole a choice between nectar, grape jelly and orange slices. Due to the high sugar content of oriole food, ant can be a problem thus some oriole feeders will have ant baffles designed to keep ants off the bird feeder. Oriole bird feeders are susceptible to yeast growth and should be cleaned at least once a week.

Oriole bird feeders’ nectar containers are made of plastic or glass and come in top-fill, bottom-fill and dish-like designs. If designed to hold fruit, you will see a spike on which to hang the half of orange. Get your oriole feeder out early in the season to capture the scout of the oriole flock. If your oriole bird feeder is found the scout will relay the message and you’ll be graced with lots of these lovely orange and black birds.