Mesh Bird Feeders

Mesh bird feeders offer a variety of feeding options to accommodate many birds at one time. Clinging birds are most attracted to mesh feeders because they can cling directly to the mesh screen for feeding. Types of clinging birds are woodpeckers, goldfinch, titmice and nuthatches.

5 Ways to Lose Squirrels

You may be asking yourself, “Am I having deja-vu?”. The answer is no, the squirrels are back again and this time they’ve eaten not only your feed but your feeders, too. Have we reached the breaking point? Yes, I think we have. Sure, there are squirrel-proof feeders, baffles and guards to keep the rodents from accessing the feed, but squirrels are relentless.

Nyjer Bird Feeders

Nyjer seed is a black oil seed imported from Africa and Asia for wild bird seed. Nyjer are extremely tiny seeds contained within a black shell, each being smaller than a grain of rice. Finches are particularly fond of Nyjer seed and will flock to Nyjer birdfeeders.

Caged Bird Feeders

Caged birdfeeders are a great way to protect bird feed from unwanted guests such as squirrels and larger nuisance birds. Caged birdfeeders are constructed with either a wire or mesh cage surrounding a more traditional seed or suet birdfeeder.

Tube Bird Feeders

Tube bird feeders are very popular amongst backyard bird watchers. With a tube feeder you’re able to attract small birds such as sparrows, grosbeaks, chickadees, titmice and finches while excluding larger species such as blue jays. Tube bird feeders keep bird seed fairly clean and dry and offer different feeding port options.