Peanut Bird Feeders

Peanuts are a great source of protein and energy for birds. You can choose what type bird you want to attract based on the size of the mesh on your peanut feeder. Whole peanuts are only handled by large birds like Blue Jays. Most birds can’t handle the large outer shell of a peanut and as a result, you’ll attract a greater variety of birds with deshelled peanuts and peanut pieces.

Peanut bird feeders are generally a wire mesh tube feeder with varying sizes of mesh openings depending on what sort of bird you’re hoping to attract. You can find a variety of these peanut feeders offering you options for capacity, shelled or non-shelled contents, and squirrel proofing. A peanut silo birdfeeder, like the New Generation feeder, is designed for acrobatic birds such as Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Titmice and Nuthatches who can cling and feed upside down. No matter which peanut feeder you choose, be sure to check the bird feed often for signs of mold or darkening in color. In hot weather peanuts can become rancid so only put out as much bird feed as the birds will eat in a few days.