Summer Bird Feeding

Birds of Summer

Summer is a great time to feed your backyard birds. Migrating has come to an end and our feathered friends are breeding and entirely matured. Breeding birds will greatly appreciate your food during the summer months. A female bird’s top priority during the summer is taking care of her eggs. Ensuring an abundance of food in a safe environment allows for a shorter time away from home. Once the little ones have hatched, mama bird may bring her family back to feast knowing it’s a reliable source. Watching your feathered friends grow and learn the “flight” to life is a real treat in and of itself. Fully matured birds also have their bright coats back with their unique, distinctive markings and will brighten up any yard. Become knowledgeable with our great summer bird feeding tips and make your bird feeding experience the most enjoyable.

Bird Food for Thought

Choosing the right type of bird seed is a key decision in enhancing your backyard experience. Should I get suet for birds in summer or another type of feed for our migrating feathered friends? Most types of bird seed are enjoyable during the summer months. If you are looking to attract a wide variety of birds like Cardinals, Chickadees, Jays or Woodpeckers, we recommend using Black Oil Sunflower seed. If Finches are your bird of choice then summer feeding is ideal. Enticing elegant songbirds and finches can be done by offering Nyjer seed. Nyjer Feeders are recommended when using this super-small seed to keep the food intact and easily accessible for those tiny beaks. When Goldfinches start departing from their nests in August, they will be sure to flock to your backyard and entertain you for hours. If you’re interested in attracting Hummingbirds or Orioles you will need to fill your hummingbird feeder with nectar. These beautiful creatures will frequent your oasis and heighten your bird feeding experience. Choosing the right kind of bird feed is an important decision and will highly affect the types of birds you will enjoy over the summer.

Feeding Tips

With the summer heat, bird seed has a greater chance to spoil faster. Placing bird feeders in the shade can prevent this from occurring while giving your little friends a cool and pleasant place to eat. Bird baths are also a great opportunity to provide summer heat relief for your backyard friends. Whether it’s cold, fresh water to wash food down or a place to take a swim, your birds will be sure to dine in more often. Clean water is essential in maintaining healthy birds.