Tube Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder Types: Tube Bird Feeders

Tube bird feeders are very popular amongst backyard bird watchers. With a tube feeder you’re able to attract small birds such as sparrows, grosbeaks, chickadees, titmice, and finches, while excluding larger species such as blue jays. Tube bird feeders keep bird seed fairly clean, dry, and offer different feeding port options, depending on what birds you’re trying to attract or what nuisances you’re attempting to avoid. If the bird feeder has metal feeding ports it will be fairly resistant to squirrel chewing, however, If the feeding ports are located under the perches you will attract only birds able to eat while upside down such as goldfinches and chickadees. The type of bird seed you offer is dependent upon the size of the feeding port. You can select feeding ports with tiny holes for Nyjer seeds, or larger for black oil sunflower seeds.

Tube Feeder

One precautionary note regarding tube feeders is to always empty old seed out before refilling the tube bird feeder, as old seed can lead to mold or diseases which can harm birds. Some options, such as the Quick Clean Spruce Green Tube Feeder, come with a push-button bottom making it incredibly easy to empty. If you have the patience and time to invest in a feeder, tube feeders make for a great addition to any backyard Bird Nerd.